Kevin Ryan, former CEO of DoubleClick, has been busy these days creating a number of businesses including one of our favorite blogs, the Silicon Alley Insider.

Much more under the radar screen is a content delivery network (CDN) called Panther Express.  Kevin stopped by the Beet.TV studios recently to share a little update.  He told me that Panther, launched less than two years ago, has 250 customers and is the industry’s third biggest CDN .  This would place it behind Akamai and Limelight

These companies are global networks of giant servers which cache data, making sure that web pages and other files are delivered to customers quickly. 

He said that DoubleClick was built as a global CDN which was designed to deliver advertising. Panther is the next step in content delivery, he told me.

Note: Kevin told me off camera that Panther is the industry’s third largest CDN — that statement is on video.

— Andy Plesser