AOL’s UnCut, the consumer generated service that has been in beta for a about a year, but little talked about, will launch next month, Fred McIntyre, chief online video executive at AOL told Beet.TV.

The new service will be implemented on many of AOL’s platforms including AIM, AOL and it’s growing social network service, Fred told me.

Sure, AOL is late to the user-generated party, but they certainly have the technology, reach and brand permission to get this started in a big way.  I expect that the hugely popular AIM will play a central role in the acceptance of UnCut. 

Update/Correction, May 30:  In my text explanation of Fred’s interview, I mistated the launch time for UnCut.  It will launch in Q3, not next month as stated in this post.  What is being introduced in June are new functionalities which are called Person Media tools. So, we’ll have to wait a bit for the full-blown launch of UnCut.

— Andy Plesser

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