Viewability Is A ‘Baseline’ For Buying Ads: Moat CEO

Advertising fraud has grown up as one of several scourges that ad buyers are now worrying themselves with in the digital age. But ad fraud detection technologies mean that advertisers have every right to expect the ads they bought are really viewed by real people, says one exec. Moat CEO Jonah Goodhart tells Beet.TV, in […]


The Great Unwatched: Viewability Shifts Kellogg’s Video Ad Strategy

For the last year, online video advertisers have been realizing that as many as 40% of video ads played and paid for may not actually be viewed by humans on the other end. On Sunday, The New York Times ran a big feature that has taken this new idea, the dirty secret of true, “viewability”, […]


Viewability Measurement Must Be Independent: BrightRoll SVP

The realization that as many as 40% of video ad views may be faked by publishers has given rise to systems measuring true “viewability” for advertisers. But one ad tech vendor says ad buyers shouldn’t trust “viewability” numbers when they are produced by publishers themselves. “The key for viewability is to make sure that the measurement […]


BrightRoll “Bakes-in” Viewability Authentication with Moat

The percentage  of non-viewable digital ads has reached nearly 50 percent in the United States, says  Jonah Goodhart, CEO of New York-based Moat, in this interview with Beet.TV.   The start-up provides independent third-party data on ad viewabity to a number of major publishers and advertisers. At the BrightRoll Video Summit this week, the company […]