YuMe’s DSP Joins Stack For Programmatic Boom

REDWOOD CITY, CA — 2015 was the year in which YuMe, one of the many vendors bringing technology to bear on video advertising efficiency, launched a demand-side platform (DSP), software for helping advertisers and agencies plan automated, programmatic video ad buying. So what exactly does the so-called YuMe For Advertisers (YFA) do? Product SVP Venkat Krishnan […]


OTT Activations In Europe Are Catching Up: YuMe’s Hanks

LONDON — Smart TV sales revenue in Europe jumped 10.2% last year, according to GFU Connections for those TVs have historically been patchy, but now the market looks like picking up. “OTT has been a little behind in Europe than it has in the U.S., primarily because the activation of consumers has been a little slower,” according […]


YuMe Announces “Out-Stream” Offering as Part of “Full Stack” Solution

YuMe, one of the first video ad technology companies, has expanded its offering to publishers and advertisers with an “out-stream” video unit, the company announced this week. Unlike other YuMe solutions which involve in-stream video advertising, this delivers videos into relevant text articles, explains Stephanie Gaines, VP of  Corporate Marketing, The introduction of the player […]


Presidential Hopefuls Are Turning To Programmatic TV Ads: YuMe’s McLernon

If you think it is too soon for so-called “programmatic” advertising buying techniques to jump from the web to mainstream television, consider this – the future president of the United States may already be buying TV ads this way. That is according to video ad tech firm YuMe. Its chief revenue officer Scot McLernon concedes that “there is a little bit of hype […]


YuMe Focuses on Traffic Quality, Fraud Education

One of the best ways to combat online ad fraud is to understand the numbers. Online video ad platform YuMe said the issue of viewability is vital in the battle, and ad tech vendors need to be able to report accurately on whether ads were seen, says Jayant Kadambi, Co-Founder and CEO of YuMe, in an […]


YuMe On Quest For Ad Receptivity Equation

Online video ad platform YuMe already partnered with Nielsen to release its ad reach calculator tool this week. Next up, it wants to understand how consumers interpret digital ads. YuMe research director Paul Neto tells Beet.TV the company’s next research effort will examine consumers’ receptivity and attentiveness toward ads. “Consumers, more than ever, are distracted,” Neto […]


YuMe w/ Nielsen Launch Tools to Measure Cross-Screen Reach

In an effort to measure audiences effectively across screens, YuMe paired up with Nielsen to release a “reach calculator” to track ad reach across screens, says Ronjan Sikdar, Director of Ad Networks & Platforms, Media Analytics for Nielsen in an interview with Beet.TV. The reach calculator was developed based on YuMe’s research with Nielsen and is […]


YuMe’s ‘Reach Calculator,’ Powered by Nielsen, Shows Impact Of Shifting Ad Dollars

If an advertiser moved 6% of its TV ad spending in to online video, how many more viewers would it reach? That’s the question online ad tech outfit YuMe is trying to answer by launching its Multi-Screen Reach Calculator, a web app that lets ad planners play with various spending scenarios across different devices. “We […]


YuMe CEO: Video Advertisers Need Better Data

Video advertisers need to improve their data collection and processing capabilities to better target viewers, says one ad tech exec after launching a service to do just that. “TV brand advertising … we believe it’s very different from video advertising thats performance based,” says YuMe CEO Jayant Kadambi. “We believe video advertising for brands is […]


Research from WPP’s Millward Brown: Adding Interactivity To TV Ads Increases Effectiveness

Re-using 30-second TV ads as online video pre-rolls is a great way to keep costs down versus shooting new creative. But re-purposing such ads rather than producing online-native ones risks driving down engagement. Consumer research conducted by Millward Brown suggests this can be solved by bolting on interactive online elements over re-purposed TV spots. “Just […]


Research: Original Web Video Ads Outperform TV Shovelware

New research by Dynamic Logic, a unit of Millward Brown, for video ad tech vendor YuMe has shed a light on the relative performance of different approaches. According to the viewer survey, original video ads shot specifically for the web outperform ads repurposed from TV three times for aided brand awareness, with similar uplifts for […]


Research: Tablet Video Apps Capture Viewers Better Than TV

Tablet devices could focus viewers’ attention on video content – and ads – far more than any other screen, including TV, new research has found. Consumer polling by IPG Media Lab for video ad tech firm YuMe shows tablet users are least likely to multi-task whilst watching video. “[With TV], that primary focus is on […]


Brands Should Build Creative Specifically for Tablets, Study Reveals

NEW YORK – Given the ad receptiveness of tablet viewers, brands should start building creative specifically for tablets, following some best practices for the medium, says Scot McLernon, Chief Revenue Officer at YuMe, in an interview with Beet.TV. For instance, short-form ads are often more memorable and have higher completion rates. Also, brands benefit when including interactive […]


Tablet User Ad Recall High, Study Shows

NEW YORK – The tablet is on pace to become a vital screen for watching video and ads in video, says Travis Hockersmith, VP of Client Services at YuMe in an interview with Beet.TV. “We do see tablets as more or less the future of video consumption,” he tells us, citing insight from a study […]


Repurposed TV Spots Perform Better with Interactivity, Millward Brown Digital Analyst

When repurposing TV spots for online video, a little interactive goes a long way, says Juan Lindstrom, Client Analyst at Millward Brown, in an interview with Beet.TV. Since web original video performs better in brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent, that’s why repurposed spots need a boost, he says, citing research Millward conducted in […]


Tablet Users More Attentive, Tablet Ads Generate Better Recall, IPG’s Manatt

Videos ads on tablets often grab a viewer’s attention more because tablets are highly personal devices and consumers are usually holding them in their hands, says Kara Manatt, VP, Consumer Research Strategy at IPG Media Lab in an interview with Beet.TV. IPG studied tablet effectiveness and drew several takeaways – consumers often use their tablets when in […]


Video Consumption Not Tied to Device, but to Genre, Decipher’s Nigel Walley

MOUGINS, France –  The choice of video consumption is not dictated by devices but around genres, like music says Nigel Walley, managing director of the London-based media research firm Decipher, in this interview with Beet.TV. Walley references a research project concluded recently for YuMe.  We spoke with him last month at YuMe event hosted by […]


Tablet Ad Recall High, Yume-IPG Research Finds

MOUGINS, France – Tablets have the best brand recall among ad mediums including online, smartphones, and TV, says Ed Haslam, Senior VP of Marketing at video ad network YuMe in an interview with Beet.TV. That insight comes from the newest study that YuMe has conducted with IPG Mediabrands. Within the tablet environment, in-app ads have higher brand […]


YuMe To Roll Out Tools for Audience Targeting Across Screens

YuMe is gearing up to introduce an audience-targeting tool in the second half of the year to help brands reach specific segments of viewers across screens, says Ed Haslam, senior VP of marketing at online video technology platform YuMe, in an interview with Beet.TV. “We will create segements, reveal them to advertisers and take input […]


YuMe Studying Consumer Behavior Across Screens

LONDON – Media planners are starting to consider video agnostically across all platforms, and the next step will be to understand whether they can reach the same consumers on TV and digital or if they need extended reach, says Owen Hanks, General Manager, Europe at YuMe, in this video interview with Beet.TV. “It’s about reaching your […]