Hearts & Science: Less Consumer Interruption As Digital Ad Formats Multiply

Faced with a “fast and furious” proliferation of digital advertising formats, agencies and marketers must contemplate less ad interruptions while figuring out how to give consumers what they really want. “Call that branded content, brand-created, something other than advertising,” says Zak Treuhaft, President of Omnicom’s Hearts & Science agency. Mobile in particular is characterized by […]


AcuityAds To Follow 140 Deal With More Acquisitions

Of all the programmatic trading platforms out in the market, AcuityAds may have been one of those the limelight has so far evaded. But that may be set to change, after the company went public to finance its current round of growth. First founded in 2009 and also offering a data management platform, the outfit listed […]


The Drum’s Gordon Young Wants To Change The World In a ‘Do-It Day’

LONG ISLAND, NY — They may not have dreamed it when they first formed a school magazine to cover a Glasgow suburb in the 1980s. But now The Drum‘s founders Gordon Young and Nick Creed are riding the wave of running one of the marketing industry’s most influential trade publications. After leaving school, the pair formed an early print trade […]


Online Live TV Brings Broadcasters Efficiencies: Verizon’s Jacob

Time was, it was online delivery that required investment decisions and a strategic shift. But now, for broadcasters looking for efficiency and transformation in how to deliver live TV, online networks are the way to go. Thats according to Verizon Digital Media Services, a wing of the telco that offers CDN and live transmission services […]


Verizon Digital Media Services: The ‘Supply Chain’ For AOL And Yahoo

The integration of Verizon Digital Media Services with AOL and Yahoo is “just the beginning” of a path that could see VDMS build its own dynamic ad decisioning technology. Until then, the company is happy to be agnostic with its integration decisions, says President Ralf Jacob. “A lot of people have asked why AOL, why […]


Periscope’s Liz Ross: Unlearning The Holding Company, Mastering Snapchat

When she was the Global CMO of IPG Mediabrands, if Liz Ross had suggested creating a client advertising campaign that quickly disappears, she might have been shown the door. But as the President and CEO of Periscope, that concept has been a smash success in the independent agency’s work for Trolli gummy candies. Periscope’s groundbreaking […]


Four Reasons 4C’s Neuhauser Is Taking A $26m Investment

COLOGNE — Last year, 4C Insights of Chicago bought itself a leg up in the fusion of social and TV advertising, by acquiring TV monitoring outfit Teletrax from Civolution, to know what’s airing when and where. Now the online ad targeting outfit is tooling up for further expansion, by taking a $26m series C investment from Kayne […]


Chris Cillizza: With Small Staff, Washington Post’s The Fix blog ‘Trumps’ Politico

WASHINGTON, DC — Ten years ago, blogging wasn’t new. People had been using weblogs to post tidbits and updates for a couple of years already. But Chris Cillizza saw an opportunity. The journalist launched The Washington Post’s The Fix to provide a unique take on political news, in a market that was already becoming crowded. “When […]


Future Of Journalism Is Live Event Annotation: Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza

WASHINGTON, DC — Over the last couple of decades, there have been many extensions and plugins that aim to let web users annotate the pages they browse. The latest is Genius, the site which, previously, let users annotate song lyrics to provide greater insight but which this year opened the technology up to any web page. Chris […]


VR Storytelling Is Adland’s Number One Topic: Starcom’s Donohue

COLOGNE — Publishers like The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Sky News, Facebook and YouTube are now gaining traction for their 360-degree and virtual reality video productions. Could advertisers do the same? In this interview with Beet.TV, Starcom Worldwide Global Brand President Lisa Donohue joins the excitement with an emphatic ‘yes’. But how should brands and […]


Washington’s Post’s Connelly Puts Election Video Front, Center And Everywhere Else

WASHINGTON, DC — A presidential election cycle is a big deal for any US paper, but few more so than The Washington Post. So WaPo, now under Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ownership, is upping the game, building on its its text reporting heritage with even more video. The difference from previous years? More kinds of video, distributed […]


Broadcasters Fear Tech Giants: Videology’s Jamboretz

COLOGNE – Google’s efforts to break in to TV seem to have had as many reboots as a dodgy old laptop. But the lingering developments in Chromecast, Google Fiber and more give broadcasters the jitters, says an ad-tech exec who meets with them frequently. “Google sees intermediaries like television networks as being unnecessary,” according to Videology‘s chief commercial […]


Why ‘360’ News Video Matters to the Washington Post, Jeremy Gilbert explains

WASHINGTON, DC — If you just have to be at the next Donald Trump rally, The Washington Post back have your back. The newspaper now publishes not just regular 2D video but is also shooting video in 360-degree format from certain key events, like Democratic and Republican election rallies. In this 2D video interview, WaPo strategic […]


Teads Offers Personalized Video Ads After Brainient Acquisition

Video ad tech vendor Teads has already made waves for introducing auto-playing video ads in between text paragraphs – in its words, “inventing” the so-called “outstream” format. Now it is set to offer interactive video ad units, too, by acquiring Brainient of the UK. The acquisition is announced on Monday. Terms are not. But Brainient’s […]


Beet Commentary: Ashley Swartz on Media Inventory Management Best Practices

Just because we sell intangible goods or ‘time’ and space, media is not that different from other industries. More importantly, many of the challenges we are facing in today’s media enterprises, and the resulting competencies we must develop, take a page out of other industry handbooks. Inventory management is one. Inventory management or yield management […]


The Washington Post Registers 5X Mobile Boost From Google’s Progressive Web Apps

In the battle between apps and the web, the web is fighting back. Having already introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to speed up loading experience, Google has also launched Progressive Web Apps (PWA), a collection of technologies to make entire sites behave more like native apps. And that development may bring a big boost to […]


Drudge Report Rises To Second Place Among Publishers On Audience, Programmatic Credentials

Although the term programmatic is often thought of as merely automation via digital plumbing, “We believe there’s a lot of strategy in programmatic,” particularly for political advertising campaigns, says Erik Requidan of Intermarkets and The Drudge Report. Requidan and other specialists will share their insights on the advertising campaign trail at Election 2016: The Future of […]


Undertone’s Franchi Wants Programmatic To Serve Ad Creativity

So-called “programmatic” technologies are revolutionizing the trading and targeting of online ads. But what about the content of those ads? Many ad-tech vendors, who have spent the last few years touting programmatic’s numerical capabilities, are now battling over its next wave – the chance to use programmatic in the actual construction of ads themselves. “When you think about programmatic advertising […]


Facing ‘Consumption Fragmentation,’ TV And Video Providers Embrace Converged Data Solutions: Videology’s Ferber

Advertisers and agencies were the first to embrace data to plan and measure the results of television and video advertising campaigns. But with MVPD’s and content publishers experiencing “consumption fragmentation” across devices other than television screens, media companies are now getting on board. “That’s where the business is heading,” says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO […]


DataXu’s Catanzaro’s on the Three Flavors Of Programmatic TV

There is much talk in the industry about whether so-called “programmatic” technologies, which are revolutionizing internet display and video advertising, will come to ye olde TV any time soon. Despite many hurdles in the way, one ad-tech vendor says the prospect is already “very real”. “The market today is $700m and is going to grow to […]

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