DISH, Experian Will Chart Future Of Addressable Advertising At Beet.TV Leadership Event

Not quite a decade ago, Experian was an integral player in the first test of addressable television advertising. Now, brand marketers are asking the information services provider to take them “beyond addressable TV” to coordinated, cross-channel targeting and advertising campaign measurement. How to achieve success along the way will be one of many topics of […]


‘Go Square’ To Win At Facebook Video: Wibbitz CEO

First, it was a letterbox. Then, it was vertical. But is the future of video actually… square? Zohar Dayan thinks so. He’s the CEO of Wibbitz, a company helping publishers make videos out of text articles. And, when it comes to distributing those videos through social media, one format wins “Eighty-five percent of the most shared videos on […]


Advertisers Can Pool Their Data In Nascent Experian/Neustar Offering

LAS VEGAS –The term “paid plus co-op sort of mentality” could well describe a mountain commune, but it’s an understated way of explaining the huge data nexus that Experian Marketing Services and Neustar hope to become under their new partnership. Among other things, advertisers will be able to pool their data for mutual benefit. In […]


Experian, Neustar Join Forces In Onboarding And Activation Of Offline Data

LAS VEGAS  – Experian Marketing Services and Neustar have upped the ante in the ongoing arms race that is the onboarding and activation of offline, first-party data to more precisely plan and measure cross-platform advertising campaigns. Their partnership announced today also brings new potential for identifying and targeting viewers in addressable television households. The two […]


Teads Brings Outstream Video To Google, Facebook Mobile Platforms

CANNES — By now, many advertising buyers are getting used to outstream video – the technology that lets them place video ads on pages that don’t even carry video, between text paragraphs. By and large, those ads run on publisher sites. But Teads, one of several vendors behind the technology that supports outstream, doesn’t want to […]


Turner Seeking Creative Ways To Keep Viewers In The TV Ecosystem

Finding the right amount of advertising to carry in television and digital video content so as to fend off the likes of Netflix is something that “the industry needs to fix, and we need to fix it quickly,” says Turner Broadcasting’s Chief Research Officer, Howard Shimmel. “What we need to do as an industry with […]


Microsoft Buys LinkedIn – Our Chat with CEO Jeff Weiner on the “Definitive Professional Publishing Platform”

Nearly a year ago in Cannes, we sat down with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner for this wide-ranging conversation about the evolving role of LinkedIn as a pervasive publishing platform.   We have republished out interview with news today of LinkedIn’s acquisition by Microsoft for $26 billion.


DISH Lights Up Eight Networks For Spanish-Language TV Ads

Per Nielsen, Hispanic households are almost 20% more likely than others to subscribe to satellite television. Now DISH is “lighting up” eight Latino TV networks with addressable advertising that targets specific households with Spanish-language commercials. “It’s not just about brands finding Latino audiences,” Adam Gaynor, Vice President of DISH Media Sales, says in an interview […]


Combining Linear And Digital Ads Boosts ROI: Videology Research

LONDON — In a fragmenting media universe, how much budget should advertisers spend on TV versus digital? And what is the effect of that answer? Those are some of the thorny questions ad buyers are wrestling with, as they explore the impact of different channels – and Videology claims to have found the answers. It recently published research […]


Ari Bluman, Tireless Advocate for Digital Advertising Integrity, Dead at 44

Ari Bluman, Chief Investment Office of GroupM, a relentless proponent of a clean, well lit place for digital advertising, who tirelessly pushed  for standards around viewable ad units, and for a reliable programmatic platform, succumbed to a long battle with cancer, GroupM announced today. Two years ago, we sat down with Ari for this interview […]


Stop Experimenting With Video Ad Budgets: Quantcast’s D’Souza

SEVILLE — The time for playing around with small change is over – it’s time to put your hand in your pocket and put real money on the table. That’s what one ad-tech exec says about the manner in which ad buyers have thus far approached the two biggest emerging media channels – mobile and video. “Marketers […]


Taco Bell CMO Says Authenticity Key for Branded Content

As brands aim to strike the balance between acting as advertisers and publishers, the one rule of thumb is authenticity. That’s the key to producing both content for new digital channels, as well as ads, says Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell, who assumed the CMO post at Taco Bell earlier this year. “It’s not […]


Sex Sells…Endangered Species, DDB’s Doria Explains

How to Sell Anything 101 — use sex or pandas. Better yet, both. That’s what DDB NY did when working with the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in a pro bono capacity to drive awareness about the nature conservancy. “They wanted to come up with a way to engage the youth to think about endangered species,” says […]


FreeWheel Acquires StickyAds to Build Full-Stack Programmatic Video Markeplace

FreeWheel, a Comcast unit, has acquired StickyAds, a Paris-based supply side platform (SSP).  The deal was announced earlier this week. The alliance between FreeWheel and StickyAds has been in place for several month, as we reported in September from DMEXCO when we interviewed StickAds CEO and co-founder Herve Brunet. We have republished that interview today.


DISH, DirecTV Addressable Unit: Buying DMA’s Wasteful For Campaigns

Who would have thought that something so 1990’s as the digital video recorder (DVR) would help to transform political advertising? In the first presidential election to benefit from the granular targeting capabilities of addressable TV advertising, the joint venture between DISH and AT&T-owned DirecTV is helping political campaigns target more than 20 million households at the […]


AT&T Uses Humor To Target TV Ad Waste, Promote Addressable Offering

The leader in addressable television advertising, with some 13 million households, AT&T is using a humorous commercial during the TV Upfront negotiating season to sell the power of addressable while speaking to concerns about its cost and scale. The commercial, “Stop Showing the Right Product to the Wrong Customer,” offers up three vignettes: a grownup […]


Political Campaigns on the Cutting Edge of Advanced TV, Cablevision’s Ben Tatta

Political campaigns are at the forefront of combining linear and addressable television, with the latter’s frequent messaging changes bringing a whole new tempo to advertising on the medium. “It’s fascinating that of all the categories we work with, political probably is the most sophisticated in terms of the use of the data,” Ben Tatta, President, […]


“Screen Agnostic” is Out as Publishers Seek Multi-Platform Distribution, Digiday’s Patel

The notion of “screen agnostic,” meaning a unified video form factor created by publishers for various devices and platforms, is out with the emergence of powerful social media, notably Snapchat and Facebook, explains Digiday’s Sahil Patel, in this overview of industry trends and a preview of Digiday’s upcoming video summit in Florida next month. The […]


Opera Mediaworks Uses Mobile To Enhance AT&T TV Ad Buys

Almost five months in to a partnership in which AT&T is helping TV advertisers reach consumers on mobile phones, the company enabling the process says results have been promising. Opera Mediaworks and AT&T announced the deal in November, with the former helping advertisers on U-Verse and DirecTV also reach consumers on smartphones. “For every addressable TV campaign […]


Platform Strategy & Monetization Among Topics at Digiday’s Upcoming Video Summit in Florida

As video publishers and advertisers seek new audiences by embracing new platforms of distribution, notably Facebook, the challenges around monetization need to be solved,  This and other issues  facing the industry will be addressed at Digiday’s first video industry summit, set for Palm Beach April 10-12 For an overview on the topics and format, we […]

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