Tim Armstrong: AOL Launches “ONE,” an Automated Ad Platform for Brands and Advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO –  AOL announced today the creation of ONE, a platform for both buyers and sellers of digital media to transact.  We sat down with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong after he presented the news as a keynote at the AdTech conference here. He speaks about the “mechanization” of the advertising and media business and […]


AOL Video Growing Fast; Big Focus on Viewability

The online video business is still suffering from a lack of premium supply, says Charles Gabriel, VP Video Sales at AOL. But that’s one of the reasons AOL Video continued to grow its platform and ad offerings this past year, he says in this interview with Ashley J. Swartz at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat. As […]


AOL’s Adap.tv Readies “True Household Addressability” for TV Advertisers

Today, Adap.tv, the video advertising technology unit of AOL, announced the introduction of a product to power the programmatic buying of linear television ads. The company is debuting the technology with a deep integration with IPG’s Magna Global unit. Here is a statement from Magna Global President Kristi Argyilan on the new product integration: “The […]


Huffington Post Will be in 14 Countries in ’14, AOL’s International Chief

BARCELONA – AOL is making a big international push around its marquee content brands.  The Huffington Post will  be published in 14 countries by year end, says Graham Moysey, Head of International for AOL, in this interview with Beet.TV The Huffington Post just launched in Korea, its 11th international edition. He says that half of […]


AOL Set To Launch Mobile Native Ad Unit

BARCELONA — AOL will soon launch a native advertising unit aimed specifically at mobile publishers, AOL Networks global media director Chad Gallagher told Beet.TV at Mobile World Congress. “We’re going to have a major announcement here in a few weeks about our native solution which we think will be really interesting,” Gallagher said. “If you look […]


AOL’s Harnevo: Branded Video Will Boom As Pre-Rolls Wane

Pre-roll adverts are the largest slice of AOL’s video advertising revenue – but the outfit nevertheless thinks the format will be challenged. “Pre-rolls are the majority of what we do, the (TV) assets are already there,” AOL’s video president Ran Harnevo tells Beet.TV. “Acceptance of pre-rolls is going decrease. Brands will have to become publishers.” That is […]


AOL’s Lord: Optimization Trumps Reach For Advertisers

Old, TV-style ad measurement metrics are becoming vogue in the data-driven world of online advertising. But AOL Networks CEO Bob Lord says ads measured for audience reach don’t work as well alternatives. “As we move in to the ability to buy at an impression level …  you start to really question the GRP (gross rating […]


Adap.tv CEO: We are “fighting ad fraud until it disappears”

Non-human traffic was recently described as programmatic advertising’s “dirty little secret“. Integral Ad Science reckons nearly a third of impressions to be suspicious – up six-fold since 2011, according to comScore (via Adotas). AOL’s programmatic video ad tech platform Adap.tv wants to nip the problem in the bud. “We are fighting fraud that is generated by […]


AOL’s Lord: 2014 Is All About ‘Programmatic 2.0’

AOL’s advertising chief says advertisers’ understanding of so-called “programmatic” technology improved at the tail end of 2013 – now the year ahead is about offering them the range of its benefits at integrated scale. “There’s been a lot of great progress in the last three to four months since the programmatic upfront of people understanding […]


Xaxis’ Dolan: Brands have No Advantage Going to an Open Auction Marketplace

As part of the movement to programmatic buying, some brands are bypassing their agency trading desks and going directly to the open market auctions.  We reported recently on The Kellogg Company as one of the first such earlier movers. But going to the open marketplace has limitations, says Paul Dolan, SVP at Xaxis, the programmatic […]


Programmatic at AOL Networks: Premium Inventory Available in Real-Time

In an unusual move by a leading publisher, AOL is making its premium, ‘reserved” inventory available via its programmatic platform, the company announced last night at its “Programmatic Upfront” event in Manhattan. To get an update on the new product announcement, we spoke with Seth Demsey,  SVP at AOL Networks. More on the AOL initiative […]