New Data is Powering TV Advertising: A Beet Leadership Forum on July 26 with DISH Media Sales and Experian Marketing Services

Back in October, US satellite pay-TV company DISH Network launched an advertising exchange to help advertisers buy targeted, individualized ads shown to its eight million addressable households. The ads in question would come from the two minutes per hour of local commercial time in programming DISH enjoys, and would playback in both live and DVR-recorded TV. Most people […]


Customized Facebook Creative More Effective, BBDO’s Ordonez Says

As they approach Facebook for clients, it would be easy for a lazy agency to simply re-trot the creative assets they had already produced for legacy media or other digital outlets. But that would be missing the point – new channels demand new approaches, and new approaches reward creatives, according to one advertising leader. “Every time they […]


To Change The World, You Need A World View: TBWA’s Garbutt

He started out as a graduate graphic designer in South Africa – but, today, Chris Garbutt thinks the skills required to effectively portray a brand in the world go far beyond the visual. The global creative president of the big TBWA media agency says: “Brands need to ladder up to having a point of view in the […]


Grey New York Mines Search Terms, Locks In How-To Videos For Gillette

It may seem a bit unusual to hear a chief creative officer extol the virtues of paid search, but for Andreas Dahlqvist at Grey New York it’s “almost under-leveraged” for the purposes of promoting film content. The agency leveraged this knowledge—and that of male search behavior—to inform its well-received Gillette commercial about reconnecting dads and […]


Will Publishers Let AI Edit Video? Wibbitz Thinks So

For text-led news publishers, video has been the next big thing for a couple of decades now. Over the years, many have variously launched and shuttered newsroom video studios, alarmed by the cost of a foray in to moving-image. But video has become a quest for higher CPMs for many a publishers, and may finally be […]


Sky Now Powering Mobile Native Ads With Sharethrough Investment

LONDON — In the last couple of years, the UK’s leading pay-TV and telco provider, Sky, has become an active investor in ad-tech startups, as it looks to improve its multi-platform offering to advertisers. Investments have included $5m in to native ad tech company Sharethrough in 2014, and, recently, a $10 million round in to DataXu. Now the […]


Premium Content Defines Prime Ads, Whatever The Channel, FreeWheel’s Bremond

LONDON — What differentiates prime from sub-prime advertising inventory? Different media platforms can charge for ads in different and unique ways – but, in the end, value all comes back to content, says one ad-tech exec. “You may end up saying ‘my set-top box inventory is worth a lot more valuable than my IP inventory’,” says Thomas […]


Targeted TV Ads Reduce Channel Hopping: Videology’s Block

LONDON — He’s a smart cookie who spent eight years running UK commercial broadcast leader ITV’s online commercial products. Now that he’s dedicating himself to the advanced-TV boom with ad-tech vendor Videology, how is Jon Block sizing up the sector? “In this modern fragmented data future … one person is a member of hundreds of different audiences,” Block, […]


After Modi Deal, Innovid ‘Enters The Gate Of Media Giants’

Straight from striking an important partnership with Group M’s advanced TV division MODI Media, video ad-tech outfit Innovid is aiming to buddy up with the Goliaths of the industry – whilst challenging some of their more myopic tendencies. Innovid, which helps brands create, deliver and measure video ads for a range of 25 online TV platforms, was […]


Ireland’s RTÉ Targets Dynamic Ads For Digital Player Reboot

LONDON — Irish public broadcaster RTÉ is readying to build the next generation of its multi-platform digital player brand, hoping summer-time tests of dynamic ad insertion can lead it to new riches in ad sales for live digital programming. RTÉ Player, a catch-up VOD service, first launched on desktop in 2010, later coming to mobile systems, cable and games consoles. Now the build of […]


More Mobile Browsers Will Block Ads By Default: Sourcepoint’s Barokas

For anyone who thought mobile ad blocking was a minority sport, last week’s new PageFair report about ad blocking on the mobile web was a shot across the bow. Drawing from a range of data sources, it claimed 22% of smartphone users globally are blocking mobile web ads, the vast majority using mobile browsers that block by […]


Ghostery Backs IAB’s LEAN Bid To Vanquish Ad Blocking

If you believe the oft-quoted PageFair data, 198 million around the world use ad blocking software, while 22% of smartphone users are even now blocking mobile web browser ads. Industry figures often advocate “better ads” as a solution to the problem. But the truth is, bloated and intrusive web pages drag on load times and weigh […]


Viewability Will Re-Price Premium Inventory Next Year: comScore’s Trigg

LONDON — When buyers can successfully identify which ad impressions are really viewable, how will ad pricing change? For one thing, publishers are going to work a lot harder, according to one measurement exec. “Viewability has become the conduit for identifying, at least, some really good quality traffic that does the work,” says comScore advertising SVP […]


FreeWheel’s Acquisition of StickyADS Marks Move to Global Programmatic TV Offering

LONDON —  The recent acquisition of   SSP marks a global expansion of the company’s programmatic  TV offering, explains Thomas Bremond, managing director FreeWheel in the EU, in this interview with Beet.TV He explains that FreeWheel works with some 90 percent of U.S. broadcasters and operators.  And, the company is well entrenched in the U.K. […]


Native Can Scale, As Plista Hits US: Xaxis’ Moore

After Outbrain, Taboola, ShareThrough and other native advertising technology offerings, comes Plista. That is the German native ad tech company acquired by Group M two years ago. Since then, the agency’s Xaxis unit has been deploying native ad formats around the world. Now it is finally set to be deployed in the US. “We look forward to launching […]


Xaxis’ Schlickum Sees TV As Fuel For Online Ads, Not Vice Versa

LONDON — The excitement in ad-land is all about the eventual appearance of “programmatic” advertising technology, which has already revolutionized online display and video ad sales, in to the $75 billion traditional television industry. But Caspar Schlickum doesn’t quite see it that way. While many tech vendors get excited about converting TV in to another programmatic video end point, […]


Ad Threats & Consolidation In Kawaja’s ‘House Of Cards’

The threats are mounting. With challenges like viewability, fraud and ad blocking rising, the online ad industry could risk falling, just as Rome’s empire did before it. That’s the view of Terence Kawaja, the famed digital media M&A advisor, whose just-released 100-slide deck, inspired by Netflix’s House Of Cards, lays the industry bare. LUMA's State of Digital Media at DMS 16 […]


Four Reasons FreeWheel Is Buying StickyADS: Rooke

The video ad-tech roll-up continued this month, as Comcast-owned premium video ad-tech vendor FreeWheel announced it was acquiring France-based server-side platform (SSP) StickyADS. StickyADS offers premium publishers software to build, run and operate their own private exchange. So why did FreeWheel buy? “We knew we had to become a full-stack provider to enable our clients to […]


Emerging: ‘Offline Retargeting’, Marrying Physical And Digital, Bannerconnect’s Geenen explains

SEVILLE — By now, people know all about ad retargeting – the practice through which ads for products you have viewed online follow you around the web. But what if those products followed you out of a store, through the shopping mall and in your car home after a visit to your local shop? That’s what Bannerconnect […]


Viant And Time Inc: ‘More Synergies Than We Expected’

SEVILLE — Back in February, the remnants of MySpace ended up located at Time Inc,when the publisher acquired Viant, the advertising data company that was the latest owner of the once-mighty social network. But Time’s interest was about more than social. It was buying Viant because of its considerable bank of first-party data about consumers, also including in […]

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