The Emerging Value of Live Video for eCommerce Sites

While nearly half of major e-commerce sites have some sort of video on their pages, very few have live video streaming, but that will change, says Stuart Schultz, who just launched a skincare e-commerce site with both live and on-demand clips.

Mobile Marketers Embracing Self-Contained Ad Units

While most online advertising has been created to encourage consumers to click to a marketer's site, mobile advertising is different and and advertising is increasingly self-contained, providing consumers with microsites, says Catherine Spurway-Hepler, SVP of Strategy at PointRoll, the digital advertising services unit of Gannett.

How Social Media Drives Video Views, Daisy Reports

The average Internet user in the U.S. spends 4.5 hours a month on social networks, and research from online video technology provider Brightcove shows that the time spent with social media can improve the engagement with online video for brands and business.