ZenithOptimedia Study: Internet to Pass Newspapers as Number Two Ad Medium in 2013

In its global report on the state of advertising, advertising media buying firm ZenithOptimedia predicts that the Internet will pass newspapers in 2013 to become the second largest advertising medium, well behind television.


Reuters’ Digital News Chief: “This is the Most Amazing Story Around”

The appointment of Anthony De Rosa, a product manager at Reuters who quickly became the company's Social Media editor, is "the most amazing (journalism) story around," says Jim Impoco, Executive Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital, in this inteview with Beet.TV.


TouchStorm’s Howdini Mixing Branded and Unsponsored “How to Videos”

Howdini, one of the biggest "how to" video players, has served some 70 million video views for cake recipies for Betty Crocker, says Alison Provost, CEO and founder of parent company TouchStorm. 


The New York Times Releases App for Windows 7 with Deep Video Sharing Functionality

The New York Times has just released an App for Windows 7 mobile devices.


Giant Video Ad Exchange Now Serving Premium Publishers, says adBrite CEO

adBrite, the biggest independent ad exchange for digital media, is directing as much as 1.5 billion video ad views per month, including an increasing number of ads seen on premium sites, says adBrite CEO Iggy Fanlo in this interview with Beet.TV.


Online Video’s Troubling Ad Equation: Less Transparency Means Lower Cost

In making online video buying decisions, marketers face the choice of spending more for video when they know where their ads are placed versus paying less when their ads are matched with videos through exchanges and video ad networks, says Vipin Mayar, Global Director of Performance Analytics for McCann Worldwide in this interview with Beet.TV.


How Kara Swisher Gets Her Scoops: “Tasers and Idle Threats”

Here on the streets of Manhattan last week, we spoke with Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor of All Things Digital,  about her Loeb award and her definition of blogging (it’s the same as reporting, she says).


Charting the Explosive Growth of Tablets

In the last six months, the number of adults with e-readers has doubled to 12% of the population, but only 8% own a tablet and tablet growth is slowing, according to the latest research from Pew.


WHOA!!! AOLVideo Sponsoring Beet.TV in a Big Way

I am very pleased to report that AOL Video is the exclusive sponsor of Beet.TV for the months of July and September.


“There is a Dark Side” to Online Video Advertising, Adap.tv President

While most of the online video ecosystem is fine, "there is a dark side," where some companies artificially increase view rates, while others place inventory in unwanted locations, says Toby Gabriner, President of Adap.tv. 


For Next Year’s Wimbledon: ESPN Plans In-Stream Advertising

Subscribes of a limited number of cable services were able to access ESPN’s live streaming of the Wimbledon matches on their mobile devices for the first time.


Hollywood’s Electus Expanding Digital and Television Program Output

Electus, the Los Angeles-based television production studio founded by former NBC executive Ben Silverman, is expanding its digital and television offerings, says Drew Buckley, COO in this interveiw with Beet.TV.


AllThingsD Plans Expansion of Reviews Section: Kara Swisher Wants “Little Walt Mossbergs Everywhere”

All Things Digital, the fast-growing events and publishing unit of Dow Jones, headed by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, plans to expand its reviews section, says Swisher in this video interview with Beet.TV

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