Techmeme wins “Crunchie” Award as Best Bootstrapped Start-up

Click To Play Congrats to Techmeme‘s Gabe Rivera for winning the Crunchie Award last night in San Francisco.  Gabe won best bootstrapped start-up for his powerful aggregation site that sorts blog and news sources automatically.  Here’s how Techmeme is organizing news about the Crunchie Awards. Gabe really does bootstrap all this himself.  He told me […]


Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, on Programming and Monetization

Click To Play With news of Revions3’s new program launch The Digg Reel, we have republished our interview with Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3 which was originally posted in October. For an update on Jim’s efforts, read Wired’s Terrance Russell’s Q&A that was published last night. — Andy Plesser


AOL Video’s Market Share Surges in December, Thanks to Search and Network Streaming, Fred McIntrye Tells Beet.TV

While YouTube commands the majority of video views with a whopping 52 percent, AOL Video is growing more quickly than any other video site, up nearly 24 percent in market share in December.  That’s up to 8.4 percent, passing MSN and just behind Yahoo!  This according to the latest numbers from Compete. I asked AOL […]


“Google is Like a Gigantic Parasite,” Technology Review’s Jason Pontin

Click To Play "Google is like a gigantic parasite that hollows-out existing (media) businesses," says Jason Pontin, editor and chief and publisher of Technology Review and New York Times business columnist.  This is part of a series of segments from an interview we had earlier this week. He says that Google and Yahoo! "create nothing" […]


Valleywag’s Owen Thomas is a “Bitchy Young Man,” But not as Bitchy (yet) as Nick Denton, says his former editor

Click To Play Owen Thomas, editor of Valleywag, is making some waves today with his brazen posting of a Facebook photo of founder Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend.  A similar use of a Facebook shot got his boss Nick Denton, head of Gawker Media, banned from the social network earlier this week. Owen challenges Facebook […]


Economic Peril for U.S. is Low Productivity: Could Technology Turnaround the Economy, Again?

Click To Play The mortgage crisis and credit squeeze are serious albeit short term problems, but are not the most critical, says Andrew Bernard, an economics professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. The big issue is the lack of productivity in the U.S. which is growing at a meager 1 percent.  Professor […]


Robert Scoble to Launch Online Video Network At Fast Company — Post Update: We Interviewed Scoble’s New Boss This Morning

Click To Play Robert Scoble, who pioneered tech videoblogging at Microsoft with Channel 9 and produced hundreds of segments during his tenure at PodTech, is launching a new business television network for Fast Company. Some details of Robert’s new work were reported a few weeks ago on TechCrunch. (Update 2:30 EST 1/16:  We just uploaded […]


Nick Denton Runs a “Slave Shop,” Oxford Chum Jason Pontin Declares

Click To Play Gawker Media chief Nick Denton is "profoundly talented….kind of bitchy"….and gets by with things he shouldn’t.  But he does it in a sufficiently Oxonian way so "you don’t feel too dirty," says Jason Pontin, editor and chief of Technology Review and New York Times business columnist. Pontin is a former writer for […]


Video Search/Widget Start-up ClipBlast! Has OpenSocial API

Click To Play Video widgets, the thin applications which display "pushed"  videos onto the desktop, blogs and social networks, are getting attention from video producers and site publishers and bloggers.  Last week at CES, ClipBlast’s Gary Baker announced that ClipBlast! will provide an API that is compatible with Google’s OpenSocial standard. Last month, Gary came […]


Bloomberg News Launches CEO Show as New Video Strategy Emerges

Bloomberg News has launched CEO Spotlight, a new Web video series of CEO interviews produced in Bloomberg bureaus around the globe.  It is the first step by the media behemoth to bring a vast amount of business news video clips to the public Internet. Day and night, through almost every timezone, Bloomberg creates a massive […]


Big Think, the “Intellectual YouTube” backed by ex-Harvard Prez Lawrence Summers, Launches with Style and Starpower

Click To Play Launched earlier this week, Big Think is a site with short video clips of leading thinkers in business and society.  The New York based start-up, founded by former Charlie Rose producers Victoria Brown and Peter Hopkins, has been getting plenty of buzz this week from The New York Times, the Telegraph and […]


Loïc Le Meur’s New Seesmic Has Mobile Video Tool, Report — Product to Debut at Davos, Sources

"Seesmic, which expects to go live in March, plans in February to start testing a service for letting people post "short-form" videos using cell phones and other wireless devices, says company founder Loïc Le Meur," writes Alain Sherter in a story just published in The  Deal. Beet.TV has learned that Le Meur will attend the […]


Countrywide Sale Means Half Billion Hit in Online Advertising, Report

Click To Play Larry Dignan over at ZDNet has been following the impact fo the mortgage industry meltdown and writes that the acquisition of Countrywide by Bank of America, could elminate one of the Internet’s biggest advertisers, which spends around $50 million a month in online advertising. This mortgage meltdown is scary business and its […]


Vodpod: Free Widget Makes Commercial and Personal Web Sites Video-Rich….Big Political Blog Talking Points Memo Has Video Via Vodpod

Click To Play An increasing number consumers are creating collections of videos and dynamic feeds of videos which are organized as "widgets" and displayed on web pages, blogs, social networking sites and desktops. For bloggers and web publishers, having relevant video dynamically is valuable.  Vodpod provides a free solution.  Talking Points Memo, the influential political […]


Report: Net Connected Appliances Lower Electricity Usage

Results from a year-long study on high-tech electricity meters in the Seattle area has found smart grid technology performed as intended, saving consumers about 10 percent on their bills while easing strain on the power grid, reports Martin LaMonica on CNET Here in Manhattan, the networked lighting and shades in the new New York […]


Program Bulletin: Beet.TV Live from CES at 2 pm EST (1/9) with Senior NBC News Executive — Tune In!

(Update 8 pm EST:  Above is a video provided by Mogulus of my interview streamed live earlier today with Mark Lukasiewicz, Vice President of Digital Media at NBC News) I couldn’t physically be in Las Vegas at CES, but thanks to the folks at Mogulus, I have video crew who will be streaming a live […]


The New York Times is “Off the Grid” in Energy Savings Move — HP Commits To Big Cuts in Power Comsumption on PC’s

With its move to the new Renzo Piano-designed offices on Eighth Avenue, The New York Times Company has become partially energy independent with an in-house, natural gas-powered co-generation plant that provides as much as 40 percent of its electricity.   It also provides a substantial amount of heat for the building  — and air conditioning for […]


Broadcast Journalism History: NBC News Opens up Embed Code and Beet.TV Has the Debut has just made available for the first time the embed code of all its video.  This marks the first time a major network news organization has provided clips which can be shared and used by anyone, much like YouTube. We reported this development yesterday.  News of the activation of the embed code, which we […]


Scoop: Live Videocaster Mogulus Nails Second Round of Financing

Mogulus, the New York based-start-up, which is  one of the cool new companies providing the tools for  individuals and publishers to  stream live video, has  raised an additional  $1.5, Beet.TV has learned.  This brings the total to $2.7 million, all from private angel investors who the company has declined to identify. Above is an image […]


Microsoft “Wins the Gold” in Online Video Format Competion: 2008 Beijing Olympics to Stream on Silverlight

Click To Play Last year, Microsoft introduced Silverlight, a new multi-media browser based application to present video and other rich media.  It is direct competition to Adobe’s Flash, the ubiquitous program that dominates video distribution and viewing. A few moments ago in Las Vegas, at the sprawling CES show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced that […]

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